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Travel Assistance & Trip Cancellation Insurance

Trip Cancellation Insurance covers certain costs you may have to pay because a trip was cancelled.

Travel Assistance provides assistance for health concerns and may provide assistance for political situations and/or natural disasters when 1) traveling more than 100 miles from home (though usually intended for travel outside the United States) and 2) emergency treatment is needed and/or evacuation for treatment or to escape a dangerous situation.

Travel Assistance

If you are a full time, academic or staff employee you have travel assistance as a part of the group life coverage. Information about this coverage through MEDEX can be found on the Human Resources site. If you need assistance, contact Human Resources at 812-855-2007.

If you have the University's Personal Accident Insurance plan then you have travel assistance coverage as a part of that plan. Information about this coverage arranged through CIGNA can be found on the Human Resources site. If you need assistance, contact Human Resources at 812-855-2007.

If you are a student who is enrolled in an IU student health plan you have travel assistance through Aetna Student Health/OnCall International. You should have an information card. If you need assistance, call the numbers on the card (currently 866-525-1956 within the United States, 603-328-1956 worldwide).

If you are a student or faculty member traveling on an IU program approved through the processes of the Office of Overseas Study, you will be informed about travel assistance coverage as a part of your trip. You can contact Overseas Study at 812-855-9304 or by email

Things to consider
Trip Cancellation Insurance

Preparation for a trip may include prepaid expenses that will be lost if you are forced to cancel the trip.

If costs are incurred by the traveler, e.g., prepaid air travel on the traveler's own credit card, those costs can be reimbursed through the Travel system. Please note that, in all cases, cancellation must be for a justifiable business reason or a disaster that affects travel to your destination.

Costs reimbursed to the traveler in this manner are still borne by the department. The department may also have incurred other costs. Trip cancellation coverage can provide insurance reimbursement.

The person responsible for the cost of trip cancellation coverage must perform a cost-benefit analysis to determine the financial feasability of purchasing this insurance.

There are too many variables for us to give hard-and-fast guidelines for these decisions. An insurance premium as high as 25% of the amount at risk seems too high, but there may be times when you can justify that expenditure. 5% - 10% (or less) seems more reasonable, but it may seem just as reasonable to you to not buy any coverage at all.

We have an arrangement with ( for the purchase of trip cancellation insurance. You may use this site to purchase insurance for an IU business trip as well as personal trips. Up to $10,000 of insurance can be purchased.

This website offers three packages.

A question for some travelers will be the need to buy either the Travel Medical or All-Inclusive coverage since the employee plan with MEDEX provides only assistance in cases of extraction because of political situations or natural disasters and the student plan currently provides nothing in these cases. The Travel Medical or All-Inclusive coverage provides insurance, i.e., monetary remuneration for expenses. You should discuss this with your fiscal officer before making this purchase.

To determine the cost of coverage, use the "See Plans & Prices" planner on the InsureMyTrip website. This can be used for domestic trips; select "United States" as your destination.

If you have questions about the plans offered, contact Insure My Trip. This is not an IU site and IU does not administer these plans.
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